Joe @ Off the Map Tattoo: Tattoo Tempo: A first tattoo is born….

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At long last, its NEW TIME LAPSE VIDEO DAY! This newest installment of Tattoo Tempo features Lindsey and chronicles her very first tattoo: a mandala on her stomach just under the sternum. Lindsey provided a couple of examples of the style of work she liked so I created a structure similar to those examples and then added and/or revised that structure to include common shapes from the references she provided. The result came out beautifully and Lindsey who sat like seasoned tattoo collector couldn't have been happier with her introduction into the tattooed world. Thanks so much for letting me tattoo ya Lindsey!

Also in this video is a drone recording of my amazingly talented friend and sworn brother Nicholas Larkey AKA Ghost Affirmation. Nick has, to me, been an artistic inspiration and a center for cultivating creativity and spiritual growth for many years now and it thrills me to include his audible creations along side my visuals as we used to do live in the performance art days of Ghost Aff's inception. Aside from the meditative and sometimes eerie droned sounds of Ghost Affirmation Nick is also an active member in many other bands with styles ranging from driving and thunderous stoner rock to bludgeoning black metal to rootsy bluegrass and has become a titan in the thriving music scene of Lexington KY. You can expect to hear much more from Nick in future videos and projects.

As always, I'm very grateful for the support of all my little ideas and creations. I hope you enjoy this new addition….