Joe @ Off the Map Tattoo: The Drawing Board: studio time lapse

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In this video I#39;m seen adding a unifying background to my two pen and ink illustrations “ABOVE” and “BELOW”. From here these two will get a final pass of fine tuning and then sent off to the framer for their union as one piece. Once framed and renamed I#39;ll be sending these to Connecticut for display in FTS Gallery#39;s two year anniversary show.

As for the video itself I#39;m really happy about this one. I#39;ve been learning Adobe Premiere to upgrade production quality and new Ritual Art team member Phil pitched in additional camera angles and editing suggestions. These changes definitely add more time to the overall process but, the result is absolutely worth every minute.

Music for this video has been provided by a very talented friend of mine Dave, who I#39;ve been tattooing for many years. Dave has always been open to my suggestion in his tattoos and has always encouraged me artistically to be my own artist, so it#39;s with great pleasure that I share his music with you the fans.

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