Joe @ Off the Map Tattoo: UPDATES: The Order of the Ritual Arts

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My world is in transition. I'm getting about two steps away from finishing sooo much work then, BOOM! New things/projects/obstacles keep knocking me back. I am feeling pretty confident however that everything is in place for the new staff members to begin work next month! This expansion couldn't come at a better time, aside from the obvious benefit of helping catch up on the little things and to serve you the community that supports me better and faster, this change brings about an enormous freedom for me artistically. I've recently found a rare clarity in my personal artistic direction and, in finding that “vision” I've discovered a mountain of ideas and plans that I am burning to start work on… but I can't. These ideas are bigger than me and I need a team, so for now I wait and I work.

This month represents a challenge in patience and focus for me, and at the end there is a whole new chapter.
From now until June I have two new fine art pieces to prepare and one large illustration job

. The rest of the year will be ground work for the book….