Josh Suchoza: Contest, Coupons, and Conventions!

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Hi kids, first off I#39;d like to let you know about a contest im holding on my instagram page, its fun you should follow me @jsuchoza and go check it out, I could tell you more here, but what would be the point.

Also, the new tshirts are up in the webstore, and to celebrate the countdown to my favorite month of the year, I will be taking $5.00 off of them, using promocode: NOTACRIME, so go get yourself some fancy gear.

Lastly, my convention circuit has come to a close this year, its been a fun ride, and Ive been all over the country, but now it is time to rest up for next year. I still have two guest spots remaining in Philadelphia, and back to Massachusetts, who knows i may add more. So a big thanks to all the promoters, sponsors, venders that made these shows possible, and much respect to all the talented artists ive met along the way, Ill see you next year.