Off the Map Tattoo Grants Pass: Here at GURU San Diego

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The change of scenery is needed. What a difference.. Sand, the smell of the ocean.. Everyone here has a relaxed energy. Don’t get to ahead of yourself here.. Just relax.. Didn’t realize how much i needed this until im here on the beach sitting on the sand watching dudes surfing and I get to let it out. I have my ipad, sketch book and coffee in hand and it’s a great thing.. The guys here are awesome, so nervous to come in and work with such amazing tattooers.. But from top to bottom back to front all these guys are talented and super cool. It’s unreal to think I’m here, this trip wasn’t about money or San Diego but a chance to soak up the ether of such an experience.. Walking into Guru was a total mind blower.. Amazing art everywhere.. Drawings that are all top top notch.. Intimidating but inspiring… Spent my first day taking walk ins and knocking them out… Lucky to have the chance to tattoo anything.. literally 7 other tattoo shops within a block and all in sight and still these guys just stand out in all the right ways.. Each client knows only the best comes out of here and I intend to be apart of that while I’m here.. It’s 10 am.. I’m watching the surfers and taking in the atmosphere..