Off the Map Tattoo Grants Pass: New York & New Me

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Learning more about myself and others, What does it mean to be surprised by it. On a train from Massachusetts to New York City and I have butterflies. Im taking in all the new visuals, hoping not to forget this moment. Staring out of the train window recalling my week in Easthampton, Snowy cold scenery in a New England atmosphere that seems so OLD but new to me. The vibe is much different out here. Houses are old, weathered. Streets feel like there calling out history, and i cant help but feel flooded with new energy. These experiences fuel me. I need that input for creative output, and to keep justifying the need to travel this way-and be away from my home and wife. I think ultimately this trip solidified the difference between friends and co-workers for me. Those who root for YOU, and those who root for the things you do FOR THEM. My instincts have always been good about people, I can feel a connection or disconnect..I definetly try to connect with everyone on some level, even if its laughing at someones bad jokes to bond. I think its important for me to exersice this muscle for my sanity in people, and my career. Its my responsibility to cultivate that link in the gap of personality difference. Its rare this time I’m left with answers that just don’t seem good enough.

Im a very small cog in this huge tattoo machine, and some things just cant be forced. Pressure helps push but eventually to much breaks. We all create our own pressure, and those around us choose to apply more. We choose who’s in our proximity, and i need to evaluate that circle, It can make or break us. Its just that right amount of resentment carried, and counter motivation to discover yourself and new things you can do. To little and you’ll never find the groove. To far and you break and rebuild. The sweet spot is the Key. Those artists that found that perfect resistance too push and held on tight to push back. Taking all that you acquired and letting the intuition do the work. Trusting that intuition and yourself. If you haven’t done enough you’ll know it deep down, NOT anyone else. I know im creating a better me, a more seasoned human being that just happens to mark people permanently with painful methods. Tattooing is definitely a journey and not a destination, Ive seen all sorts of amazing world class artists arrive at the same point a million different ways. Theres not a right or wrong way as long as your honest to yourself about what you want and what it takes to get it.
Just passing Hartford Conneticut now and this experience really solidifies all the hard work.
Canyon Webb
March 2nd, 2014
enroute from Mass-NY city