Off the Map Tattoo Grants Pass: On a plane to East Coast

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So on my departure to the east coast I’m just a nervous wreck, I’ve been stressing over all the details and I know I’ve done everything to ensure I’ll be fine but I can’t help but think about leaving my wife, my dogs and cats. Leaving home hits me hard every time. I’ve been through this a lot with a past job with the railroad, and all the tattoo shows and trips. It’s this constant challenge that seems to be my only motivation, seeing new places is great, meeting new people. It’s definitely out of my comfort zone and continues to push me, I guess it gets easier and harder at the same time, if that makes any sense. Nothing is an excuse for this emotional sob.

“Seeking some resistance” was what blew my mind when Nick Baxter spoke during his seminar at the Chicago World Wide Tattoo Conference. It never crossed my mind to follow the hard stuff I avoid. I was so excited to take that on. Every time I get on these planes and leave my comfort zone I start cursing the challenge zone of my brain. I’m stuffed in to this tiny little prop plane that they call modern flight in my small airport in Oregon, I’m seated in a window directly parallel to this spinning propeller that is hallin ass and all I can think about is flash backs of last years skydive and this propeller breaking off the wing and cutting into my aisle and through the plane as I fall to earth with no legs…. AAAHHHH……

okay snap out of it– ” i do these things to get better” I tell my self. It is such a small thing to complain about in life oh poor me ;( but really I am like this, I’m not a creature of gambling.

15 hrs of travel, 3 flights, an overnighter across the country, And thankfully my Buddy Johnny Smith will be waiting for me at the airport. Then the tattooing just happens, intuition takes over and all that I do leads to this. Excited to be on the East Coast for a couple weeks, loathing the absence of my wife, comfort, home.
Canyon Webb
Feb 23rd