Off the Map Tattoo NE and NW: Johnny Smith: Finding Focus Using fine art techniques to create paintings in the skin Friday: May 30 – Time: 2:00 pm

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Johnny Smith- Finding Focus seminar at the Chrome & Ink Tattoo Convention in Salem Oregon May 30th at 2:00 p.m.

In this seminar, I will go step by step through my entire setup and tattoo process, including: talking with clients to create the best tattoo ideas possible, early conception, drafting ideas, creating and finding unique reference material, using the shapes of the body to enhance your tattoo, stencil and setup, color choices, and the various techniques I use to create and execute a realistic tattoo.
These tattoo techniques will include: saturation of the skin without irritation, blending and softening, use of color, plays on focus, and sharpness, shadows, highlights, and essentially how I use my experience in drafting and fine art to create saturated, painterly tattoos that are executed in the same way I create my realistic paintings. I will discuss fields of depth and focus, and how to use these fine art techniques to create a solid tattoo that you and your client will be happy with.This course will include discussions and questions on previous works, fine art techniques that can be used in tattooing, marketing your work, and a live tattoo demonstration.

Fee: $150