PowerLine Tattoo: IMPORTANT STUFF!

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To everyone on Jessica's waiting list: She is going to be out from sometime in mid June until sometime in mid-late August as she has to get surgery. We wanted to let you all know now that your wait time may be a bit longer than expected because of this. We're very sorry, but there's no way around it! She wants to give you all the best tattoos possible, so she hopes you'll all hang in there with her until she's able to tattoo you! Call the shop if there's anything we can do for you!

To everyone on Evan's waiting list: There have been several people that we have contacted and left voicemails with that have not called us back (if you don't want to get tattooed, that's fine.. we just don''t want other people to think we're skipping them). There have also been people who gave us phone numbers that are no longer in service and people that have not set up their voicemail boxes… THESE ARE ALL BIG PROBLEMS IF YOU'RE LOOKING TO EVER GET TATTOOED BY HIM as I am not going to hunt you down! Feel free to call the shop and see where you are on his waiting list (Tuesdays are the best day to call as Kara works then and normally handles Evan's waiting list).