Sacred Chao Tattooing and Piercing: Tour Recap and Appropriate Info

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Fans, friends, colleagues, patrons, clients and everyone in between!

First off, I would like to thank you all for making my latest tour across the U.S. a tremendous success! From Off the Map, to Studio Evolve, Ink and Dagger, Detroit Motor City, and from Hell City to Paradise tattoo Gathering my year was absolutely stellar! I drove across the country alone most of the time but had one of my greatest road adventures ever with the amazing Mary D’loisio (now Cole) from Skin and Ink and other top magazines around the country! Hanging out with Gabriel Cece of Studio Evolve was a great treat and I really look forward to working with him again. Tanane Whitfield on the other hand, is a whole other story but we got over ourselves and I cant think of many artists I admire as much as I do Tanane. (Maybe I’ll get some guts and get a tattoo from him!) Russ Abbot sent me back to school on my lettering while I was down in Georgia, and Frank LaNatra showed me what it is to be a genuinely nice guy while I was in Colorado. Seriously he’s so nice it will make you puke! I got tattooed twice by the Amazing Kelly Doty of Ink and Dagger, and got a kick ass last minute tattoo from Dave Tevenal that makes my kids laugh every time they see it! I got to meet so many new friends along the way and got to hang out with some guys I absolutely love and miss every time I come home from touring. I am truly honored to be a part of all of it, but all things come to pass, and I am back home at Sacred Chao Tattoos in Valparaiso Indiana for most of 2014. As most of you know I am also a ¾ time student working on my Bachelors in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, and its crunch time at school again. So I’m working primarily at my hometown tattoo studio, and stacking up appointments. I am opening the flood gates (so to speak) for tattoo ideas to book up for 2014. I am being a little more picky about the projects I’m taking on since I don’t have quite as much time due to school, but I have an amazing team working with me that can handle everything I am unavailable to do! An important note: My Fridays and Saturdays fill up incredibly fast and tend to get reserved for large scale projects which require multiple sessions, also take note than my young protégé Mallory stays booked, and I mean booked! She is awesome so If you want her you have to come get her! Also, sad as we all are to lose him Braden Dean will be graduating from Valparaiso’s School of Law in May and will be moving on to work as a Legal Eagle at that time. We are all kind of in shock that he’s leaving us so soon, so If you want Brad you best get in ASAP! Thank goodness for good news though! Zack (ZEEK!) Stevens in our latest addition to the crew and I can safely say that once he’s tattooed half as long as I have he’s going to be twice as good! He’s got four years under his belt and when I look at what I was doing at four years, he makes me embarrassed!

Once again, I want to thank you all for all of my personal successes and the successes of Sacred Chao Tattooing and Piercing! I look forward to the days and years to come!


Travis Litke