TattooNOW: Check out this interview with Damon Conklin, Markus Lenhard, Adrian Dominic and more!

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First up is Markus Lenhard from outside Berlin Germany. He talks about how to put large scale tattoo clients at ease, what types of art and reference inspires him, how he learned to tattoo, and people of walmart among other things.

Damon Conklin took a break from hosting the Seattle Tattoo Convention to beam in! He talks about the stress of running conventions for over a decade, traveling to South America and Germany, tattooing and painting, his seminar, and created many laughs, of course.

Lastly, Adrian Dominic joined the conversation from Los Angeles. He chatted about his last art show in NYC, his biomechanical seminar, science fiction movies, the digital age and how it influences tattooing, and the laugh meter stayed pegged!