TattooNOW: David Allen Technology Tattooing Seminar – August 10th

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Mark your calendars for another great professional development seminar coming your way on Monday, August 10th! This time we#39;ll be working with David Allen, tattooer at Pioneer Tattoo in Chicago, Illinois. David will be walking us through his fine tuned process of integrating tools of technology like Photoshop, apps, filters, 3D programs, tablets and cameras into the tattoo stencil production process.

David Allen Tattoo

He#39;ll also be touching on some tips and tricks that he has developed in the realm of client relations, including valuable information on how to manage customer retention rates and keeping yourself booked to your hearts content. And after that you#39;ll get to watch his whole process he described unfold during a live tattoo!

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If you#39;re an artist that wants to grow with the technological advancements around us while engaging clients, this is the right webinar to catch! This event is coming your way at only $99.99 which is a pretty damn good deal if you ask me! So take a professional developement day, learn some stuffs, and take your career to the next level.

David Allen Tattoo