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Paul booth, Jegg gogue, and Markus Lenhard webinar dayTattooers, set aside Oct 2nd, you must not miss this unique day of seminars at Last Rites. Jeff Gogue, Markus Lenhard, and Paul Booth will be giving seminars for a limited amount of tattooers in person, and also beaming this inspirational event out worldwide via TattooNOW/Webinars. Jeff Gogue#39;s seminars and presentations are some of the very best tattooing has to offer, just ask the countless artists who have experienced them. Many are repeat attendees. Markus Lenhard will be presenting his bio mechanical seminar, making the subject matter less elusive and abstract as he helps artists further their own understanding of the topic and make it easier to find their own language within the world of the abstract and purely aesthetic. Closing out the event will be host and artist extrodinare Paul Booth. His new seminar will draw from his decades of experience concerning freehand tattooing and creative brain theory.

This is a truely unique event with three of tattooings most brilliant minds, register asap to secure one of the limited seats that are avialable in person. This event will also be webcast worldwide live from New York City (EST).

Seminar Day Schedule October 2

9-10 AM Registration

10-11 Off the Map LIVE discussion panel – *Free webcast

11:30 – 1:30 Jeff Gogue – Hold Fast

2:30 – 4:30 Markus Lenhard – What is it? A Seminar on Biomechanical Imagery

5 – 7:30 Paul Booth – Creative brain theory and the freehand tattoo approach

10 – ? party

Paul Booth#39;s “Creative Brain Theory and the Freehand Tattoo Approach”

?Developing a creatively inducive environment and its importance to see your full artistic potential will be discussed. Approaching freehand tattoo art such as utilizing the human form and musculature in the design will also be an emphasis. Paul will cover his complete tattoo process, with a detailed explaination from idea conception to finished product.

Paul Booth Tattoo

Markus Lenhard#39;s “What is it? A Seminar on Biomechanical Imagery”

By dissecting the question that is as old as the subject matter of biomechanics and abstract art, the seminar will delve into the deeper workings of how one can approach and master this seemingly alien subject matter.

Markus Lenhard Bio Sleeve Tattoo

Jeff Gogue#39;s “HOLD FAST”

Reflecting on 17 years of tattooing, I have learned to love the art, craft, and trade of tattooing, after being immersed in the “industry” of tattooing for a decade and then 13 trips to Japan, I have discovered a much deeper perspective. This seminar dissects and brings to light why, and how to see the bigger picture of tattooing and inspires people to apply these insights to their own work and lives. I also mix into the presentation tattoo technique, and design experience that would benefit any level of tattooer.

Jeff Gogue Bodysuit


Purchase your ticket asap!