TattooNOW: New Basic Studio Site!

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We#39; recently launched a brand new basic website! This one is for Champion Grubbs, tattooer at Guru Tattoo in San Diego, California. Champ attended our TattooNOW info session at the Paradise Artist Retreat and decided to strike up a relationship with us shortly thereafter. It#39;s been a pleasure working with him since then, gathering materials, getting everything all set up, and training Champ to best use the site. He#39;s been uploading some beautiful work and we#39;re excited to see his tattoos come in through the site.

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Champion#39;s site has a sleek look where the background causes the tattoos to pop out, and the colors more pronounced. Here you can see the different views of his site from a tablet or mobile device.

Champion Grubbs Tattoo

As you can see, Champ works in many different styles but definitely has a knack for largescale colorful work. Hop on over to his new site where you can look at his latest work for yourself and send him a message through his custom contact form.

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