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We are so happy to announce that we are launching our newest custom responsive site for our friend Marvin Silva, in Oceanside, New York. His site has a beautiful warm look to it, with a sunny, golden accent to it, evoking thoughts of a warm summer day.

Home Page

Below are a quick look at what the website will look like on tablets and mobile devices. It is a necessity these days to have mobile-friendly websites for maximum enjoyment of the user, and the best rankings on Google and other search engines.

Tablet view mobile view

Marvin Silva#39;s work features a vast array of styles, from complex tattoos of the fantastical, to those of animals one would find on a stroll through a park. Colored or black and gray, Marvin can do it all.

Tattoo examples

Be sure to check out Marvin#39;s new website, stop in for a tattoo, or send him an email through the contact forms we#39;ve handily built right into the site.

Check ya later!