TattooNOW: New England News: Caleb Morgan is here for you in this life and beyond

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Caleb Morgan will be joining us in Easthampton from February 1st – February 4th.

Caleb has been tattooing for over 7 years, and prior to becoming a tattoo artist he attended RISD, and also attended the Cleveland Institute of Art. He was an Emergency Medical Technician for 3 years as well.

Caleb#39;s style of tattooing is Illustrative realism and portraiture with the occasional New Skool. He really enjoys high saturation color work and high contrast black and Grey.

A lot of his work is inspired from HR Geiger, Dali, and Steven Gammel.

Caleb owns two shops by the name of Elysium Tattoo with his wife (who is also a tattoo artist) Alisha Morgan – one in Cromwell, Connecticut and one in Fort Myers, Florida.

Caleb has very limited availability left during his short stay with us, so give us a call at (413) 527-6574 ASAP to book some of his time.