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Itzocan Tattoos New York TattooNOW

We launched a great new basic responsive website for our friends over at Itzocan Tattoos in Brooklyn, New York not that long ago and things are looking and working great! Itzocan#39;s new site is fully responsive which is means it works great on all different types of devices like tablets and cell phones. Take a peak below to see what the site looks like in the different views.

It#39;s great that the folks over at Itzocan decided to go with one of our responsive websites because the all powerful Google just announced that they#39;re now prioritizing websites that perform well on mobile devices in their search results. It#39;s now more important than ever to make sure your website is up to date and easy to view. Don#39;t let Google#39;s changed effect your website traffic! If you#39;re interested in learning more about this upgrade and how it will perform in search results, give us a call at 413-585-9134 or email

Tablet View: Mobile View:

Itzocan Tattoo New York TattooNOW Website Itzocan Tattoos TattooNOW Website

Itzocan Tattoos was established back in 2008 and is located in Sunset Park in Brooklyn. Our artists come from many different art school backgrounds. The artists take pride in working closely and professionally with clients to come up with a unique piece of art that they will be proud to show off. You can contact the artists over at Itzocan using the contact form we built into their website.

Itzocan Tattoos TattooNOW Website

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