TattooNOW: Oleg Turyanskiy lands in the USA!

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It is with great pleasure we announce Oleg Turyanskiy#39;s move to New England. He has been an inspiration to TattooNOW and Off the Map Tattoo since we first met (and got tattooed) by him 7 or 8 years ago! We have barely announced his arrival and the appointments and consultations have already started rolling in. Oleg was kind enough to take time out of his packing schedule to answer a few questions.

Oleg Turyanskiy TattooFor people who are just learning about you and your work, can you tell us how you got started?

It was truly by accident I got into the tattoo industry. It was never planned but just happened this way. I used to work in a video/cd store and had plenty of time to do drawings. While there, some custumers once complimented my art and asked if I ever thought of tattooing those pieces. Then I was like “hmm, thats an intresting idea, why not?”

You seem to excel at nearly every style, but are also creating a very unique and distinct world. Do you have a direction you want to steer in or are you happy Tattooing everything?

Of course I prefer tattooing some particular things rmore than the others. Speaking in short, its more about the subject, the main character than about the style. I like everything living, which has eyes and teeth, while I#39;m not really into something like space ships or biomechanical. I can#39;t pick any style and stick to it for a long period of time, I don#39;t have a direction I want to move forward in. I guess art is way more spontaneous for me. I#39;m curently into something I considered nonsense a while back but I can possibly change my mind again in a year or two. To me, art is something alive and constantly changing and its not something Im conservative about. I dont want to do the very same things every day, too, its boring. I prefer trying myself in different directions, mix them together, create something new out of it all.

Oleg Turyanskiy Owl TattooYou have traveled the world extensively, can you tell us some of your favorite places both Tattooing and just favorite places?

I wouldn#39;t say I#39;ve traveled that much really, I visited only 3 continents which leaves a lot of places to go still. I visit central Europe more often then other places, that#39;s why I probably like it best. It#39;s very comfortable and relaxing. But the place which inspires me the most is Asia, it#39;s like a another planet to me. Totally different atmosphere, rythm of life, people. Different colours, very vibrant, different smells, different nature. And the best cuisine in the world! As for art and archeticture – its another level, very stylish and elegant. When it comes to tattooing – I dont have any preferences countrywise, the most important things are the good light and comfortable chair.

Do you feel that#39;s traveling has changed your worldview or visions?

That is no doubt.

Tell us about your move to United States!

First of all it is a very amazing continent in so many ways. It has a lot of different climate zones and natural beauty which is important to me all packed in one. I didn#39;t get a chance to see much and travel through when visited the states previously, but the variety seems fascinating. Second, what I like about americans is their energy, defintely the people who work hard and enjoy it, very friendly and openminded. I#39;m the same way myself and I prefer being surrounded by like people, it is motivating and it puts me in a creative mood. Russia is exactly the opposite, different mentality, different attitude, people are closed to each other for some reasons and I find it very pressing. Third, for me, as for a person who devoted my life to tattooing America is certianly a paradise and a place to be as everything that happens in tattoo world starts here, all the latest tendencies, inventions, not to mention most of the biggest names in the industry live and work in America. Of course there are a lot of other talented artists living in the other places around the globe, but you can nowhere find such a concentration. I#39;d call it the best place for a tattoo artist. And I#39;m extremely excited about my moving.
Oleg TuryanskiyMad fish seems like an amazing shop there in Russia, please tell us about it.

Mad Fish Tattoo is a truly unique place as it has so many equally talented and hard working artists of such different styles gathered under one roof. Everybody is talented in his own field and well known having lots of experience and knowledge behind the scenes. As there is one big room and everyone work together you can see what others do. It#39;s a very creative autmosphere, lots of discussions, you can hear different opinions which helps you to constantly learn and grow as an artist. I#39;m thankful for being a part of it and to know all these amazing guys.

Frog TattooWhat do you love most about Tattooing?

I love to learn something new about the things i never knew of or thought about. See, sometimes a client comes in with an idea for a custom design, and I spend a few days reading wikipedia before i start working on that design, because I want to know everything about the things I#39;m about to deal with, I aim to develop the things right. That helps me to grow as a person, not only be a guy who can draw well. I have a wide range of interests aside from tattooing because of it.

Describe your perfect client.

The person should trast me as to an artist and don#39;t talk too much 🙂