TattooNOW: Taking Your Career To The Next Level With TattooNOW

Here are a few quick tips on how to take your career to the next level by taking advantage of the TattooNOW products and services.

1) HAVE A WEBSITE! – One of my favorite mantra#39;s as of recently thanks to Kara Moore, the marketing genius behind Tony Moore Illustration. Kara presented a great seminar at the Paradise Artist Retreat back in March and our favorite part was how much she emphasized the importance of having a professional website. Social media platforms are always going to be changing, and floating in and out of relevancy. Invest in a website and secure your lasting power.

TattooNOW Website

2) BECOME AN ARTIST MEMBER – Fearing commitment? Psh. If you#39;re not ready for a website of your very own right now you should consider purchasing an artist membership with us! It#39;s an easy way to upload images to our site using any device and automatically increase your visibility. You can also attach yourself to conventions that are coming up and submit guest spots for us to post for you.

Emy Blacksheep TattooNOW David Mushaney TattooNOW

3) TAKE PART IN PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – We believe strongly in the art of bettering one#39;s self through education and we#39;re proud to have a full catalog of professional development materials that is always growing. Take part in our live events, live webcasts, on demand webinar replays, and DVDs. Oil painting, watercolor, event discussion panels, business management advice, live tattooing, tutorials on how to execute coverups, and so much more. There#39;s something for just about everyone!

TattooNOW Professional DevelopmentTattooNOW Professional Development

And that my friends is only the tip of the iceberg! Check back soon for more tips on how to get the most out of your career with the help of TattooNOW!