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Technology Production Manager – TattooNOW

The focus of this position is to support TattooNOW, technology department of Off the Map inc.

The purpose of this position is to facilitate technology product delivery for TattooNOW, a division of Off the Map. The role manages the day to day technology that powers Off the Map and over 185 other website clients, and webinars and webcasts that reach thousands of viewers from over 60 countries each month.

This an important role because the TattooNOW network generates and facilitates thousands of tattoo appointments for our clients and Off the Map Tattoo, many whom turn into lifetime clients. Our tools have helped hundreds of artists build thriving careers, and countless clients find the right tattooer. From discovery, through product delivery, and follow up maintaining a high quality experience is a significant responsibility. This position starts at entry level with potential for growth. Commissions are available.

Process supported by this position include:

  • Website and webinar development and promotion
  • Customer service
  • Event website maintenance and customer support
  • Digital marketing
  • Technical support
  • TattooNOW phone reception
  • Incoming sales
  • Billing/Invoicing

Tattooing is a very serious and colorful culture and understanding the wide range of strong personalities can be very challenging, and rewarding for the right personality. Understanding the nuances of such a culture is not trivial and the stakes are high. Many of our artists and collectors are world class, and expect everyone working for Off the Map to have an exceptional eye and an in depth knowledge of the tattoo world. On the other hand, many others are complete tattoo newbies and deserve to be patiently educated on the vast art of tattooing over time. We hope that every person in the business will look to grow with Off the Map inc, and we take care in the career development of our team members with longevity always in mind.


  • Knowledge of positive customer service, technology, tattooing, and business.
  • Software used – zoho project management, photoshop, premiere, google docs
  • Enjoys working with wide range of people in a high stakes environment.
  • Great phone and email skills.
  • Organized and loves checklists as well as special projects with tight deadlines
  • Video and/or website production a big +

Working conditions:

  • Starts immediately.
  • This is a fairly fast paced office.
  • Personalities that are self motivated and enjoy a little pressure do well.

Monday 9 to 5:30
Tues-Fri 10 to 5:30
Every other Sunday from 3 – 10 (frac12; hour paid break)

This position is located in Easthampton MA – possible events regionally, nationally, or internationally.

  • A Variety of music is played, and a lot of guest artists and clients come through the office. Focusing on the work at hand and not getting distracted by the amazing amounts of fun and art creation is not easy!
  • Due to the nature of tattooing and the responsibility we have to our clients, thoroughness and accuracy are absolutely necessary.
  • Must be capable of keeping a professional demeanor with a wide variety of strong artistic personalities.
  • Reports to COO

This job entails sharing workspace with tattooing, so a Blood Borne Pathogens course will be required as part of training.

Job responsibilities

Manages TattooNOW reception/phone process to create perfectly smooth experience for tattooers, collectors, and the curious.

  • Greet new visitors in order to make sure their experience is great
  • Insure all questions are answered to help potential clients
  • Answers phone, voicemail, and emails to reassure clients and future clients we are attentive to their needs/communications
  • Sell services and tickets to current and new clients who call in
  • Handle tech related problems (Email, ssl, domain), delegate necessary tasks, and follow up

Manages website and social media to help artists grow their perfect clientele

Creating artist accounts so they can upload to TattooNOW network

Managing website development process to insure quality website delivery.

Assist with Webcast Production to produce well attended smooth live webcasts.

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