TattooNOW: Worldwide Tattoo Conference Highlight – Russ Abbott

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Worldwide Tattoo Conference Russ Abbott

In this presentation to close out the WWTC, Russ Abbott will highlight the processes and techniques that he considers fundamental to his tattoo work. Special emphasis will be placed on tattoo equipment, technique, and the use of digital technology for design. Using photos and POV video footage, I will invite the viewers to see tattooing through my eyes. I will place special emphasis on the parts of my process that I believe to be the most unique and interesting.

Find out what Russ had to say during a quick interview we did with him:

How do you feel the new wave of educational seminars have affected the tattoo community at large?

I feel that everyone involved, from the clients to the artists will continue to benefit from the availability of educational content, including seminars. If a tattooer learns one thing in a seminar, and it helps make their work a little bit stronger, tattooing as a whole gets a little better.

What do you love the most about Tattooing?

I have to say two things. First is the people involved. From the collectors to the artists, and everyone involved on the media and supply chain, I have to say, ldquo;tattoo” people are (generally) some of the nicest people yoursquo;ll ever meet. I love being around creative, motivated, and friendly people and therersquo;s no shortage of those in the tattoo world.

Secondly, I enjoy the challenge of tattooing. There are so many hurdles to jump to achieve a successful tattoo. Irsquo;ve been tattooing for half my life now and I still feel like therersquo;s plenty of road left to travel.

Do you feel anyone can be a great tattooer like you? What are the essential ingredients to being a great tattooer?

I feel that anyone can improve on where they are at through study, practice, and patience. Being a great tattooer is a combination of knowledge, creativity, technical precision, and magic.