TattooNOW: Yomico Moreno – Artist Interview

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The Venetian Tattoo Gathering is flying towards us on the calendar! We#39;re so excited for a weekend loaded up with tattoos, painting, education, and art! The list of artists and speakers we have is absolutely stacked.

In preparation for VTG, we got to sit down with Yomico Moreno (, Venezuelan artist and one of our many, many talented guests.

TN: Hey Yomico, thanks so much for doing this interview!
YM: Hey friend, of course! How are you?

TN: I#39;m quite well! New to this, but loving it because I get to discover talented artists like you every day!
YM: Thanks a lot for your words.

TN: Well, let#39;s get into it then! What drives you everyday to tattoo everyday, and make artwork?
YM: The desire to improve as an artist, the need to innovate and fear of a comfort zone. These more than anything drive me to keep growing as an artist.

TN: In your opinion, what is your favorite part of being a tattoo artist?
YM: I#39;ve always thought that we are more than artists, that tattooing goes beyond art. Sure, you make a mark on the skin, but not only that, you make a mark on a specific moment in someone#39;s life. A tattoo can help people overcome fears, the loss of loved ones. I think that connection with the world is my favorite part of tattooing.

TN: What would you say is your specialty? Your favorite style?
YM: Definitely realism, the ability to create works that make you wonder #39;is that a photo or a tattoo?!#39; I love it, although now I#39;m on a search for something beyond realism. I think that is where more artists truly experiment with new ideas.

TN: How important is the tattoo community and tattoo family to you?
YM: Throughout the years of my career, I have had the opportunity to see how we have grown as a community, as artists and family. It#39;s more than the art that unites us, there is also the bond of friendship that is created over time. Each time you hit a convention one feels the emotion of knowing you#39;ll spot many good friends, all feeling the same emotion, all in this evolving market helping each other. If that does not exist, I don#39;t the industry would keep developing because of the learning and discussion that goes on at these conventions and within the community.

TN: What makes your approach to tattooing unique, and why?
YM: Well, I#39;m not sure if I#39;d call it unique. I would like to say that in the future my approach will be unique, but I think that every artist is continuing in that search. Even those that have an identity or stamp that we defined for ourselves, the discontent with so many things that are invisible to the outside can be eternal headaches. I#39;m still working hard, so that on the day I die I#39;ve left a mark I can call “unique.”

TN: How does traveling, tattooing, and attending conventions benefit an artist#39;s career?
YM: Well, it definitely does. Personally, my greatest achievements have come through conventions or seminars, all are great opportunities to meet many good artists and learn from them. At conventions one can find the big brands and see the big artists that are there. Any seminar or convention, any travel, is a great opportunity to learn and open new doors.

TN: What does tattooing mean to you, and how do you give back to tattooing daily?
YM: The tattoo is and will be everything in my life, thanks to this art I am what I am and have achieved so many great things: my travels, my experiences, everything–absolutely everything–is related to tattooing. I#39;m sure that we have the greatest profession on the planet; I#39;ve azlways said that if you love what you do, no worries any day. Every day that passes I am instead seeking my best work.

TN: Any current or future projects you#39;d like to tell us about?
YM: Well this year has an agenda of many, many seminars and conventions. I will be giving seminars in Brazil, Italy, France, Mexico, USA and of course in Europe. I#39;m also working on an online project to reach more people and hear from those that follow my work. It#39;s gonna be a busy year!

TN: I wish you the best of luck! Any closing thoughts?
YM: Yes, thank you for the opportunity of this talk and for granting me a spot at the Venetian Tattoo Gathering! For giving a voice to people who love this art, and bringing me closer to them. To all those reading, never leave the machine. This art is a road without end where only the journey will make us understand how to be our best. Never leave that path.

Catch Yomico at the Venetian Tattoo Gathering, April 28 – May 1 at Palazzo Zenobio Venice, Italy!