TattooNOWtv: TattooNOWtv highlights!

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Off the Map LIVE host Ben Licata takes us on a stroll down memory lane. From the way back up to the end of 2013. includes interviews with Guy Aitchison, Jeff Gogue, Bob Tyrrell, Alex De Pase, BJ Betts, Jime Litwalk, Shawn Barber, Russ Abbott, Lou Jacque, Dana Helmuth, Mike Demasi, Durb Morrison, Damon Conklin, Carlos Torres, Ian McKown, Kelly Doty, Markus Lenhard, the live parties, the chat room, Northampton Community Access, every viewer!
Production crew:
Matt O'Brian
Ben Licata
Gabe Ripley
Drunk Stuntmen & Unicorn