Vision Quest Body Art Gallery: Now Hiring

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Vision Quest Body Art amp; Gallery

We are looking for a real tattoo artist, not just a tattooer that traces stuff. You will be required to produce at least one painting per month on top of tattooing your clients. We are a body art studio and gallery, not just a tattoo studio owned by a someone who isn#39;t an artist.

-1000 hour letter
-Current First aid certification
-Current Adult CPR certification
-Current Bloodborne pathogens and infection control certifications
-Amazing Portfolio

Pay is 50% for the first 30 days and must have clients to tattoo during that time. At the end of the 30 days, it goes up to 60% …. After 6 months you may graduate to a sliding scale if your performance and skill level warrants it.

60% @ $0 – $1000 gross sales
65% @$1001 – $2000 gross sales
70% @ $2001 – $3000 gross sales
75% @ $3001 – on up gross sales

You won#39;t find a more competitive pay scale and I do this because I believe artists should be paid as artists instead of slave labor.